29 August 2010

In which I attempt to be sneaky.

Okay, so the last time we had formal portraits taken of Junior, he was... ten days old. Yeesh. Of course, the last time we could afford to get pictures done was around the same time.

Now that there is a bit of steady fundage happening, I decided that picutres were in order. Besides, I had a coupon!

I decided against telling Himself. It's a surprise of the first order. As long as I can keep my mouth shut for a week or so (oh, crap), I'll be able to just sort of casually leave the envelope on the table for him to find.

But first we had to take the pictures! Once we figured out the proper sequence of events, it was a snap. Step one was to demolish the studio:

Step one went on for some time, but was eventually followed by Step two: actual sitting.

This did not mean sitting still for more than a nano second, and did not include any smiling at the camera. There was plenty of giggling while his head was turned, though. Step three: cooperation eventually came into play, and we got this:

Do you think Daddy will enjoy his surprise?


Lourie said...

Oh yes! He's so cute. Ryan hates to have his picture taken. He cries. School pictures should be interesting. LOL

rachel said...

I think Daddy will be thrilled! Especially if he understands just what it takes to capture a small child on camera...

Dianne said...

Junior is absolutely adorable!!!!!

Judy said...

Himself will love it always.

The Lass said...

Your littlest is absolutely adorable!!