06 September 2010

A new spin on fundraising.

Actually, it's not that new; someone's done it before. But it's new to me, so there you are.

Over on my Facebook page, I've posted that I'm looking for organizations that might like to be on the receiving end of a fundraiser. I've gotten some good suggestions so far.

The deal is, I'll draw a name out of a hat, then invite people to make pledges to a spinathon.

A what?

A spinathon! See, I'm gonna set up in a certain location on a specific date and spin yarn for "X" amount of time. An independent judge will measure off however much I spin. I figure pledges of a penny per yard ought to be reasonable, right? Four hundred yards means four bucks per person, as an example. I post the totals, the pledgers send their money to the pledgee, and everybody's happy.

The best part is, nobody has to leave their nice, warm houses in the middle of December. You can be generous from the comfort of your easy chair!

Now to find my trusty name-drawing hat...

1 comment:

Lourie said...

What a cool idea! Hmmmm....there are so many worthy causes.