14 January 2010

The slacker returns.


Here I am.

See, I would have been here sooner, but I have this thing about going outside when the windchill is forty below. Also, given the choice between goofing off and helping Himself find a job, I just knew you'd all be extra patient about getting a new and exciting post.

No luck on the job front so far, but I do have knitting to show you. I finished a pair of socks, a couple of dishcloths, and this scarf:

Nice, eh? For my sister's birthday. For those who want to know, I used Rowan's Tapestry, which is a wool and soy blend and VERY easy on the hands. Here is a closeup of the pattern, which is the column stitch from the book, "Knit One Below":

Don't you love it? Don't you want to pet it? Just don't wear it!

Yeah, my sister was all excited about her fabulous birthday scarf in Raider colors. We're from California; what can I say? Not gonna cheer for the Eagles, THAT'S for sure! True to my standard knitting style, the scarf was still pinned to the bed on Party Day with the hair dryer blasting and me swearing.

"Dry, damn you! DRY!"

I am nothing if not subtle.

Anyway, the scarf dried and I wove in the ends. A stellar wrapping job with the best plastic bag that the Evil Empire can provide, and the present was presented. And there was much rejoicing!

Much rejoicing, that is, until Sis got to work and was confronted by a co-worker.

"What's wrong with your neck?"

Hm. Redness. Blotchiness. Itchiness.


It's bad enough that she got the short end of the stick by being a Christmas baby. "Here's a present for your birthday AND Christmas!" Total ripoff. Now she's allergic to her present! This is suckage of a high magnitude, especially given my track record with timely delivery of knitted birthday presents which we will not discuss because I'm by-golly going to finish them all even if most of the intended recipients have probably forgotten what I promised them by now.

I should've gotten her a book...


Judy said...

Awww, poor babies. Maybe next time. :)

Sue said...

It is very pretty. Maybe she can wear it outside her coat collar.

Molly said...

What a bummer! It looks so nice, you were so stoked, and then The Itchies!
Rotten luck, but great blog fodder!

Michelle said...

I am also seriously allergic to wool and was given a really expensive wool sweater : (

But as a knitter, if you feel up to knitting something again, try Colinette Yarns. They have simply amazing colors in cotton and cotton non-wool blends!

Lourie said...

Ah man, now that is just wrong.

Mags said...

Great scarf...too bad she's allergic! Did she give it back?
Happy knitting.