22 January 2010

The weather report.

Rejoice! The fog is gone and we can see across the street!

Mourn! The guy across the street is doing naked Jazzercise and left his shades up!

Rejoice! Our curtains close!

Mourn! The brain bleach bottle is empty!

Rejoice! There's still a bottle of homemade Kahlua!

Mourn! Drinking an entire bottle of Homemade Kahlua makes you barf!

Rejoice! We have indoor plumbing!

Mourn! We run too slowly!

Rejoice! We have fresh towels!

Mourn! The towels are now disgusting!

Rejoice! The washing machine works!

Mourn! The washer is off-balance and dancing into the kitchen!

Rejoice! We can escape out the front door!

Mourn! The guy across the street is still going strong!


Lourie said...

I need brain bleach now too. Or mental floss. Haha.

Judy said...

LOl, love it. That is why I live in the country.

Molly said...

The Russian Bride next door reportedly works out, naked, by her pool. Fortunately our bamboo plantings protect our retinas from accidental exposure to same!

Anonymous said...

Yay, you're blogging again.

Boo, I'm still having trouble thinking of things to say.