30 December 2009


New year, new location. Since our local coffeeshop is closed, I'm in the library to do my busywork. There are pros and cons to this arrangement.

1. No coffee. This is a definite con, because I like coffee. I like it with cream or milk or even the powdery fake stuff that supposedly tastes just like milk but makes your cat hiss at you and give you the claw if you try to fob it off on him. I like coffee with chocolate or hazelnut or caramel. Or all three. I like strong coffee. Coffee is my friend. There is no coffee at the library.

2. Many books. This is a pro AND a con, because I like books. I like almost all books, except romance "novels". And F. Scott Fitzgerald. F. Scott Fitzgerald is most assuredly not my friend, but most other books are. This is a pro because I am always happy when surrounded by books. It is a con, because I will probably see a title that will make me get up and ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ahem. Sorry. They have the new Paul McCartney biography. Just had to take a quick peek.

3. Quiet. This is a definite pro, because I can sit and think and stare and type and fix and think some more without weird music or weird questions. There are still weird people, though. It is, after all, a public place and I am in it. It stands to reason. Come to think of it, quiet is also a con. It means I am my only company, which gets dull after a while, believe it or not.

4. Okay, I found another pro. The table is level. Of course, it makes no difference here if the table is level, because I have no coffee, but hey. I'm looking on the bright side.

Well, then. We'll see how this whole library thing works out. It'll cost less money, because I won't be buying any coffee, so maybe I can do this a bit more often.

Woo-hoo! Silver lining! Happy New Year, folks.


Molly said...

Everything goes better with [good] coffee! But I love my local library---coffeelessness, distraction of all those tempting books, local weirdos and all! Happy New Year to you and yours. I'm recovering from an excess of company/stimulation....Will try to post something soon---pictures maybe?---while I still remember how to string words together.....

Mags said...

Happy New Year...peace and prosperity to you and yours.
I too would miss my cuppa, but having internet access..and books galore..well..
Happy knitting.

Lourie said...

Hmmmm....I think I have found my new happy place!

Anonymous said...

Can you sneak in coffee?

Gramps said...

Coffee is one of the few things that prevent me from becoming a serial killer of those stupid people that seem to come out of the woodwork. Or Wal-mart.

Naomi said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who's inexorably drawn to books!

Dianne said...

Sounds perfect except for the lack of caffeine. There has to be a way to smuggle some in--perhaps in a pocket flask? Hehehe