22 August 2009

Men and cats.

I've heard several women/girls/ladies/females make the statement, "I hate men!" I'm always surprised by this, because I think Men are one of God's great creations. It's guys that suck. I dated several guys, but I married a Man.

A Man understands your need to have things your way, but will put his foot down when it's important to him. A Man may not always be able to show his feelings, but you can count on the fact that they're in there somewhere. I have a great many theories on what consititues a Man, but it can be boiled down to this:

Men are like cats.

Strong, independent natures hide a loving, playful interior. Also, if you dangle yarn in front of them, they usually get that same glazed expression. Sometimes they swat at it, too. Probably to get it out of their faces.

I'm working on a pair of man-socks this week, along with the Eternal Felted Pillows worked in Terminal Garter Stitch. The pillows are for a birthday present. The birthday was last year. I need to knit faster...

So, the man-socks. Tracy, over at Knit One, Prrl Two (Yeah, you! You need to update so we know you're feeling better!) mentioned a yarn called Zauberball. Ooo, says silfert. New sock yarn? Must go see! And off to the yarn shop. I looked and I liked. I especially liked the "Crazy" colorway in slate, navy, brown, and burgundy. Very awesome, and surely manly colors. I bought a ball and cast on for man-socks in the Ace In the Hole pattern.

Now, I may have mentioned this before. I carry my knitting with me. Everywhere. Line at the store? Knitting. Waiting at the bank? Knitting. Going to the Post Office for stamps? Project in the bag, plus an extra, just in case. My knitting is my shadow.

Anyhow, I have these slowly growing man-socks with me, and I show them to men with whom I interact. They all react in the same way. Their eyes widen and glaze over, they lean in, and they say, "That's CO-O-O-O-OL!!"

Men are cats, I'm telling you.


Mags said...

I'm sorta having a deja vu moment after reading your post, 'tho mine was really only about men's sox. I think you, however summed men (guys, heehee) up admirably!
As to whether sox knit with the Patons yarn stay up..I have no idea..I never thought to ask. I will now.
Happy (endless) knitting.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...


yarndork said...

Cats, huh? Interesting. I'll have to give it further thought. While soaking in the bathtub.

Lourie said...

I always thought they were more like dogs. Playful at times. Under foot a lot. Messy. They love their toys. They have to mark their territory. They act tough even if they are not. I could go on but you get it.

Sue said...

I thought men's eyes glazed over whenever a woman asked them something.

Molly said...

I have an ambition to knit some man-socks [as a warm-up to some me-socks,] under your tutelage, as I cannot remember the details learned in third grade from a certain aged nun.....
Do we get to see pictures of the finished man socks in the C-O-O-L yarn?

Jill said...
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