18 August 2009

So this is Tuesday, huh?

It's been an interesting day for a Tuesday. To quote Navin R. Johnson, "Things are going to start happening to me now!" For starters, there was actually a rubber band available after plaiting the Braid of Doom this morning.

That was the highlight of my workday.

In the mailroom, we had Mr. Creepy staring down the backs of our necks for a large part of the day. He was warming us up for his big announcement. We're going to start printing another paper! Joy. This is going to cut into my Wednesday morning coffee time in a serious way. I need my Wednesday morning coffee time. It is when I knit and discuss books with my lawyer friend.

I got home and was greeted by Himself, which was nice. The perk of an unemployed spouse is that they're always around to pick you up after a crummy day. Unfortunately, he was on his way out the door.

Sigh. No problem; I'll just wait for Junior to wake up. We'll have lunch together. While I wait, I'll do a few rows on the felted pillow. Needles -- so. Yarn -- tensioned. Kni--


A teary Junior greeted me from his crib, wanting hugs and milk, which I supplied. Fresh diaper, kisses, and toys. A big bowl of rice and egg to share. String cheese for me, a slice of American for him. A quick step onto the porch to get the mail. Back into the house.

Junior is waxing the floor with cheese.

"No, Monkey Boy. Cheese is to eat. Now it's all gone."

Eyebrows raised, he signs "all done" and wanders off in search of something loud. I wipe up the cheese and return to the knitting. I try to, anyway. The phone rings. It's a friend, who will never die, because she will never come up with any last words. There is always something else to say.

"Hey, listen. I'm glad you called, but I..."

"Gotcha! NO problem! Oh, wait! Yak, yak, yak..."

"That's great. Hey, the baby's crying and I..."

"Oh, okay! I guess I oughta let you go. But first..."

"Y'know, I'm bleeding from both ears and I might be losing consciousness."

"Wow, that sounds terrible! Hey, did I tell you..."

I manage to escape the phone and am confronted by Junior, who requires a Command Performance of Itsy-Bitsy Spider, complete with gestures and keyboard accompaniment. I comply, only to have him wander off midway through the show. Critics.

Himself returns and is greeted by a chorus of "DADA!! DADA!!" I regale him with the activities of the afternoon, then head for the coffeeshop to write this week's column. At this moment, my coffee is stone cold, my job is a big ball of irritation, and I have accomplished no knitting.

On the plus side, I have a kid who is impressed by my ability to juggle one beanbag, never tires of my jokes, and lights up when I walk into the room. Memories to enjoy when he's a teenager...


Mags said...

Another one of those days.
Thank goodness for little ones. They make sure we have lovely memories..we all know teenagers don't acknowledge parents!

P.S. Thank you for your support. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. M. xo

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Mom is another one on whom the words goodbye, gotta to go now, and SHUT UP! have no effect. I had to laugh the other day when she was talking about a call to her sister. "I thought I'd never get rid of her!" Thank you Auntie! Thank you very very much.

Pink bows, eh? Not something I immediately associate with you. Skulls, moreso. THERE SO KEWL!

Lourie said...

Yes, do enjoy those happy smiles. I am heading into teendom. Blah. Can I just send her away until she realizes that I was right all along??? Haha

Anonymous said...

You know, it is easier with 2...they can entertain each other. Just sayin'. You can hit me now. Preferably with yarn.

Anonymous said...

""Y'know, I'm bleeding from both ears and I might be losing consciousness."

LOL! That made me laugh right out loud! Funny!

Naomi said...

Your chatty friend and my husband's auntie sound like clones. And I think toddlers have a built-in radar that tells them when we're knitting. "I'm not the center of Mom's attention--I must fix this!"