23 July 2009

Shoes, socks, and sweets.

A certain little man has gotten his first pair of shoes! He is quite proud of himself. He is also pleased with the noise generated by stomping with shod feet in a large, echo-ey hallway.


Having shoes has brought a whole new dimension to his idea of the uses of feet. Stomping, dancing, freaking Mama out by deciding that the bookshelf would be just dandy for climbing and being amazed that she knows what we're planning to do just by watching our face, shoes as snacks...

Feet are fun when you're little. Until you forget that you're not wearing shoes and then stub your toe.

*thunk* "EH! Babu AH-bah neema!" This is apparently baby-ese for, "HEY! Watch where I'm going, you hunk of junk!"

From shoes, we progress to socks. This progress is slow because Junior is fast. However, there has been some progress on the baby socks. With any luck, they will be delivered before the intended recipient heads for Kindergarten.

And now, sweets! Brought to you by an overwhelming vote of one, here is a picture of the wedding cake. As the picture was taken by cell phone, it is a total Hoover shot, but hey.



Lisa Marie said...

DUDE! Looks almost too pretty to eat - ALMOST =)

It is Dee-licious wedding cake after all!

Dianne said...


Molly said...

Yes, acquiring one's first pair of shoes does open up awhole new realm of possibilities! Good luck keeping up with him, Mama!
That cake is gorgeous.....

Anonymous said...

Love the shoe story, just love it!

Lourie said...

Beautiful cake. Great story! Hahaha. Boy: (noun) A noise with dirt on it.
Mother's of boys work from son up til son down.