17 July 2009

A series of fortnate events.

If you've ever spent time in the basement of Life's Outhouse, and were then handed not only a stepladder, but also a clean towel, you have an idea of how I'm feeling today.

Groovy Thing Number One: I'm here in the coffeeshop, enjoying a dish of Rocky Road and strawberry ice cream. This is after Himself brought home one of my favorite sandwiches for lunch.

Groovy Thing Number Two: The weather today is staggeringly gorgeous. Mid-seventies, minimal humidity, and a pleasant breeze. The sun is out, and there are a few poofy clouds here and there. Quite a pleasant change from the "fry and drown" sort of weather we've had lately.

Groovy Thing number Three: another successful wedding cake. The bride and groom were nothing short of adorable. They both looked about twelve and very nervous. While they enjoyed their carriage ride around town, I dashed back into the reception site to make sure the cake hadn't decided to spontaneously combust, or collapse, or some even more horrible catastrophic thing that I probably don't want to contemplate. There it stood on its silver drum plates, three tiers of homemade sponge cake (two dozen eggs, thank you very much) with white chocolate cream, red icing ribbons, and lilac-dusted roses swirling up the sides. I kick wedding cake butt.

Groovy Thing Number Four: good news at the County Fair. One of my knitting students took Grand Reserve Champion for Small Knitted Item!! A felted bag from our Intermediate class. I'm so proud.

Groovy Thing Number Five requires a bit of background and some advice. Let's say that you have a rather paltry job and paycheck. Throw in a minor detail like, oh, a spouse that has been unemployed since October because the quarry shut down and employers laugh at him when he comes in to ask about a job. Just for the fun of it, let's throw in a baby that needs food and diapers because even though Mama and Daddy love him more than life itself, the kid's still gotta eat. Now let's imagine that one of your wonderful, amazing, thoughtful, beautiful, generous relatives sends you a windfall even though you are a terrible person who never writes.

After picking yourself up off the floor, and after a trip to the florist's shop to wire a tangible thank-you, you have to think about this windfall. One chunk will go to the DMV so they will let you continue to drive your car. Another chunk will go to the hospital to pay the "baby bill".

"Look, Honey! Six more payments and he's all ours!"

After putting a third chunk in savings, you decide that it would be okay to take a small bit and buy a little extravagance. We're talking some kind of wow yarn here, not a Louet spinning wheel or a floor loom. We want to save more than we spend.


tell me of your awesome patterns and fabulous yarns. Something for a nice, out-of-the-ordinary project that doesn't jump right into the stupidly extravagant, "what the hell am I doing" catagory. Is there a sock yarn out there that I must try? An amazing shawl pattern that can be worked on after Baby goes to bed? Ideas, people. Lemme hear 'em.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

That's a lot of good news, but I'd like to add one that you modestly left out. Every day you get to be one of the nicest, brightest, so-cool-even-the-cool-kids-are-jealousest folks on the planet!

Molly said...

What an upbeat post! It made me smile from ear to ear and all the way 'round to the back of my head...What a lovely relative you've got, to be sure! And lovely to know you won't have to take the baby back to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm [that's where we got all of ours!]
I've been wanting to knit a little set of "people." maybe you've seen such a pattern? You make a little knitted tube, a few rows for the feet, change colours, several more rows for the pants/skirt, change colours, more rows for the shirt/blouse, change colours, a few pink or beige rows for the face, then the hair/hat.....Made one eons ago. Soooo cute. Gave it away, as usual, now want to make one for new grandson.....Sorry for hogging all this space! Congratulations on being such a stellar teacher!!

Anonymous said...

Uh pictures of said cake, or it didn't happen. My cake talents lie more toward the cool little kid birthday cake style. For you to do a wedding cake, wow. But, pictures please. As for easy shawl patterns...there's tons. I need more specifics before I give you any ideas...are you more of a triangle girl, or a semi-circle? For me, I'm too short to make those and not have them hang down almost to my ankles. I prefer the long rectangle types. But, at least give me an idea of the general shape you want, then I'll give you a list of good ones.

Dianne said...

That's a whole lot of Groovy!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey you! please pop over to my blog and read how awesome you are. In fact - everyone who reads this blog should pop over and see how awesome you are!

Thank you!!!