29 January 2009

Running late...

A quick post before the coffeeshop closes and I'm chased into the street!

I have unleashed another pack of knitters upon the world. Hey, where's the evil laughter coming from? Heh, heh, heh...

Yes, nine (almost ten, but she's taking a break due to extreme frustration) knitters "graduated" this past Tuesday, and all of them went home with some fine-looking bookmarks and potholders. Some of them even learned to pick up stitches with only minimal, "Wait... okay, now... yeah... that's right!" from me.

As with the first class, I stopped them in mid-stitch during the second night and asked them to look around.

"Notice the difference between the first night and now. Last night, you were all hunched over your needles, biting your lips, and scowling silently at your stitches. I even heard 'Don't make me look at you, I'll lose my place!' Tonight, it's totally different. You're all kicked back in your chairs, joking about text messages and thinking about tomorrow's dinner. Congratulations. You're all officially knitters."

They actually cheered for themselves. Then they asked about the project for the next class! Awesome.

Well, I think I'll head home and work on the felted bag for next week. And we're going to a concert in March; Little Himself will need a sweater and socks.

Think I can come up with a shamrock cable pattern? Wait, shamrocks and guitars. Yes. White with green and orange bands at the cuffs? Or green with white and orange? I should make it a V-neck, he doesn't like tight collars. Maybe I should just do a Fair Isle... Shamrocks, guitars, and baby bottles.

Where's the graph paper?!?!


Sue said...

That's a real accomplishment, congratulations. The world needs more knitters and in this short time you have them feeling relaxed, too.

Tsar, my husky would probably produce enough hair to spin, but Portuguese Water Dogs don't shed. They have hair like us and I don't think it would spin very well.

Dianne said...

Job well done!

Mags said...

I'd love to be part of your knitting group.....it sounds like a lot of fun! "Woo Hoo"...more knitters for the world!
Happy knitting.

Dee said...

When is your knitting class?

I mentioned it to someone that lives in Ottawa and wants to learn to knit, but I had no details.


Dee Anna

Jillster said...

I'd say green sweater, white and green bands at cuffs. Unless it's going to be a very washable sweater! ;)

Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

You really are such a clever thing, you know!

Judy said...

I am to teach a sock class at my LYS. Any hints or suggestions?

How is the cable pattern coming along?