03 February 2009

More knitters!

And so the new class is underway. The world's easiest felted bag, which I'm thinking of calling the BAH, Humbag. BAH, of course, stands for Basic As Hell. This is the opposite end of the knitting spectrum from PITA, or Pain In The Ass.

Is there a term to cover the happy medium projects?

If you'd like to play along at home, I'll post a picture of the finished product with instructions. Unlike me, the bag is very adaptable and can be adjusted to a larger or smaller size with little math and less trouble.

Actually, I have no trouble adjusting to a larger size...

Those of you who are paying close attention will notice the minor layout changes. New picture, a different arrangement of the blog list, a couple of extras removed. Do you like the changes? Hate them? Want to see more? Are you curled on the floor with your arms over your head, sobbing, "Dear God, change it back!"? I'm toying around with the idea of a blog makeover, and since you're the ones that come by to look at it, I'll welcome your input.

Your suggestions may very well be ignored, but I'll welcome them. In the meantime, it's off to class!


Anonymous said...

Love the new picture, although I'd think the caption would be something more along the lines of "So that's what you look like naked." Or, "Daddy, what's THAT?"

Mags said...

Love, love love the new pic of the little man...yes, (please) do the months of his life!
Ahh, the knitters with a new pattern. Sounds like fun!
Happy knitting.

Dianne said...

It doesn't matter what the page looks like as long as you keep the pictures of Junior! That one is hilarious.