22 October 2008


It rained its brains out today. Two and a half inches in the rain gauge! So much water is rather creepy after my recent dream of flooding and drowning, especially in light of my DAD'S dream this week.

We were on the Titanic. Great.

However, things are looking up. Junior used his first sign today! Himself was in the other room, and Little Himself started scanning for him. Where's Daddy?

Up to the forehead goes a little hand. Out stretch four tiny fingers while big blue eyes focus on my face.

"What's up, little man? You want your daddy?"

A big grin, kicking feet, and a repeat of the gesture.

"Alright, then. Hey, Daddy! Somebody wants you!"

Daddy enters the room and is greeted with many giggles. It is the highlight of his day, as Daddy must then head for minor surgery. This is much less fun. Himself has been completely deaf in his right ear for two months, thanks to a monster ear infection. Two courses of powerful antibiotics failed to clear up the problem, and his timpanic membrane was so, well, I guess impacted would be the word, that sound didn't even register. The ear-nose-throat dude did a little carving and suction (which indeed sucked, according to Himself). Now we wait to see if the inflammation goes down and hearing is restored.

Then we put the baby monitor on his side of the bed.

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!


Judy said...

I hope Himself heals quickly and gets entire hearing back so he can have the baby monitor, LOL.
LH sounds to be doing great. Enjoy the moments.

yarndork said...

Ear infections suck. I too had massive rain. You should see our backyard, we now have a lake.

PS. Did you ever get all those e-mails I sent you?...

Anonymous said...

Could you delete my comment...didn't mean to add email.
Thanx, Mags

Lisa Marie said...

Ack. Sucking of the ear can't be good =/ Hope it was all worth it and he gets better soon!

Mags said...

Thank-you for the fix.
Sorry I freaked...I forgot I had changed my email. I could just imagine loads of garbage clogging my in-box!!!! (Scary huh.)
Great post as usual...isn't your wee man brilliant. Hope the big man feels well soon.
Happy knitting

rhushouse said...

Oh that story really made my heart sing. I am wishing you so much warmth for the surgery, and cannot wait to hear the outcome.