25 October 2008

Greetings, Gate! Let's operate!

If you got that reference, you're either well-versed in forties entertainment, or you're a huge Bugs Bunny fan.

Speaking of operate, Himself is still largely deaf. He had a terrible experience with the ear-nose-throat dude. I believe his words were, "It @#$%& hurt like @#$%&!! And I'm not @#$%& kidding!!"

The doctor was apparently not too sympathetic, either.

"My ear hurts! And it still feels cloggy! And I can't hear!"

"Oh. Um. Come back in a month."

Well, gee. Thanks. We saw Juinor's doctor (who is also MY doctor), who said, "You can't hear because he couldn't get the tube in, so your eardrum is flapping in the breeze until it closes up. Be patient and picture him on the receiving end of Junior's old diapers."

I have a fun doctor. She knits, too.

On knitting, I'm working on three (Oooh, only three!) projects right now. There's a pair of socks for a lawyer, a sweater for my mom-in-law, and a pair of felted pillows which are to be a birthday gift. The birthday has already passed. The pillows will stick around for a while.

Uh-oh. I can see the bottom of my coffee cup. That's a bad sign. Off to the refill station!


Mags said...

I am sorry to hear the big man is still suffering.
By the way, can't imagine having a Dr. who knits. It sounds great, do you do 'knit-speak' when you have an appointment???
I would love me some coffee and a 'goodie'...about now!
Happy knitting

Dianne said...

Ouch. Ear pain is the worst. I hope Big Himself is feeling better. Sounds like he needs to switch doctors.

Anonymous said...

Only 3 wips? Oh my. You must be coming down with project monogamy or something. Please, hurry to your LYS immediately and buy some yarn and cast on a few more things. There's still time to save yourself!