08 September 2008

A pattern!

A friend of ours had to give up playing the guitar due to arthritis, which was painful for him and for those of us who know how much music means to him. In a fit of inspiration, I came up with this pattern for mittens with a pocket. You can use one-time use self-heating packets from the sporting goods department, or you can make your own with muslin and rice. I like the homemade version because the rice gives off a moist heat that fels wonderful on achy hands.

This pattern is sized for a man, but you can easily adapt it to a women's size by using a smaller needle or doing a bit of felting. Use a nice wool; it holds the heat better.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture, but I was in a hurry to get these done and delivered. If you make a pair, let me know! Also let me know if my pattern-writing makes sense, as I'm used to writing in my own kind of weirdo shorthand. As far as I know, this IS my own creation, albeit modelled after the mittens that hunters use. If you try to do something evil, like hijack it in some way (But my reading friends are cool folks who would never do such a thing!), I will be forced to come after you and poke you in the eye with a very sharp stick. And now, the pattern.


Worsted weight and US7 dpns, CO 44. Work in 2X2 ribbing for 12 rounds.

Change to stockinette for 6 rounds, begin thumb gore.
Round 1. Knit 21, PM, increase in each of next two stitches, PM, knit 21.
Round 2. Work even.
Continue to increase as follows: knit to marker, increase, knit to one stitch before next marker, increase, knit to end. Work one round even.
Continue to increase in this manner until there are 16 stitches between markers.
Next round: Knit 21, place 16 stitches on holder, CO 2 stitches, knit 21. Redistribute stitches evenly on needles.
Work even for 14 rounds.
Begin decreases as follows: Round 1: K1, SSK, K16, K2tog, K2, SSK, K16, K2tog, K1.
Round 2: Work even.
Round 3: K1, SSK, K14, K2tog, K2, SSK, K14, K2tog, K1.
Round 4: Work even.
Continue in this manner until 28 stitches remain, then begin decreases every round until 8 stitches remain. Cut yarn and draw off.

Thumb: attach yarn and knit 16 stitches, then pick up and knit 4 stitches across CO. Distribute the 20 stitches evenly.
Knit around for 7 rounds, begin decreases as follows:
Round 1: * K3, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 2: Work even.
Round 3: * K2, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 4: Work even.
Round 5: * K1, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 6: * K2tog, repeat from * around. Cut yarn and draw off.

Make second mitten the same.

Pocket patch: CO 20, work in 2X2 ribbing for 9 rows.

Change to stockinette and work even for 26 rows. Bind off.

Using a yarn needle and mattress stitch, sew patch pocket to back of mitten with first row of patch ribbing even with first row of mitten stockinette. Weave in all ends. With scrap fabric and uncooked rice, make two flat sachets to use in the pockets. Before use, microwave packets for two minutes. They will be hot! Slide them into the mitten pockets and enjoy the heat.


I talked my friend into bringing the mittens over and letting me snap a photo, so now you can see a) the mittens and b) my crummy photography skills!


Dianne said...

Hi hijacking - I promise! I think I need to make a pair of slippers/socks with the pocket like that for a rice bag. My feet are cold year-round, and I can just imagine how nice it would be to wear some toasty-warm slipper-socks to bed!

Mags said...

Wow...I'm impressed with your pattern writing skills.
They sound great..toasty.
I'll definitely give them a try..maybe felt mine. I love a pair of mittens!
Hope the boy is doing well. I imagine he's growing like a 'bad' weed.
Happy knitting...and thanks for the pattern.

Lynn said...

Thank you for your pattern and idea about making the heat packets.. I am going to make a pair for my arthritic hands Hubby.

mowarsh said...

Can I make these for our local nursing home?
The only problem I for-see is that they might want to sell them during their craft sale. (The craft sale proceeds go back to the home for activities)

silfert said...

In the case of these mittens, I think that helping out a nursing home (or a church, or a school) falls under "fair use". Just let 'em know where the pattern came from, 'K? :)

Linda Copas said...

As I sit here with an aching left thumb, which tends to impact my love to knit, I stumbled over your pattern. Funniest thing - at the drugstore this morning, while standing in the checkout line, I looked at some of those little heating packets. Perhaps I'll exchange the creme I bought for a few of those. Thanks for the generous gift of the pattern; I have a perfect wool in my stadh to use!

silfert said...

Hi, Linda! Thanks for visiting; here's hoping that your achy thumb is soon on the mend. :)