12 September 2008

Enough to make Mister Rogers swear...

Having been blessed with extraordinarily good luck, medical-wise, I can only sympathise with folks who get the short end of the stick in this regard. A friend of ours is in just such a situation. In this case, the stick fell into a bucket of something warm and brown before it was offered to our friend, leading me to do more than sympathise. I want to fight.

Please take a moment to check out her blog. This is not a warm and fuzzy situation by any means, but it is one that needs attention. I hope you'll be moved to help.

Here's the URL: http://parityquest.blogspot.com/. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Duly noted and visited. Thank you and I wish her well.

Mags said...

Said well by 'rhubarbwhine'!
Happy knitting

KFG said...

Thanks for the support! Don't forget that these people who make the rules are ELECTED officials and that this is an election year.

KFG (back from the best Winfield ever!)