03 September 2008

My son, the genius.

At the age of four months and a bit, Junior is not quite up to the task of learning to knit. He is, however, on the right track.

We took a trip to Babies "R" Us to look into some new stuff. This, while fun, was a VERY bad idea. They have some lovely merchandise, and lots of fun and interesting items, but it was still a bad idea because they also carry baby clothes.

Allowing me to shop for baby clothes is like sending a hungry spouse to the grocery store.

"Look at that! And that! And THAT!!"

Pretty soon the cart is full, the wallet is empty, and silfert is seriously considering selling a few pints of blood in order to afford that uber-adorable baby bomber jacket. I eventually let logic get the better of me and put most of it back, but how can you go to a baby store and not buy at least one cute toy?

This is where I learned that our children do indeed learn by example.

"Junior, here is a display of rattles. You will notice that they are in the form of tiny stuffed animals in many colors. You may choose one and we will buy it for you."

I held him up before the display and let him look. He eyed the piggie briefly, considered the doggie, and was almost sold on the teddy when something else caught his eye. A little arm reached out, a small hand opened, and tiny fingers closed upon...

the lamb.

My son, the future fiber freak. Awesome.


Dianne said...

He is clearly the most clever baby ever! Any chance of some pictures?

Judy said...

With you as his doting Mama how could he choose anything else?

Thanks for the tea tree oil tip. I'll ask my vet.

rhubarbwhine said...

Master 11 has conquored knitting and crochet. But he has such looooong breaks in between he forgets what to do!

Mags said...

Awwww....great story.
Happy knitting.

Ron Sillett (uncle) said...

I think it's finally official. You are truly insane. :-) Not to worry though. It runs in the family. Look at me and your dad. When are we going to get some recent pics?
Love ya, kiddo


Uncle Ron said...

Your going to Babys R Us, is like me going to Home Depot. Simply irresistable. Hmmm, sounds like a song I've heard somewhere. (Robert Palmer)

Hugs for all,

Ollie said...

Hey, great one, another knitting man. A lovely tale silfert.