25 September 2008

Fast and furious.

Here's the deal:

I have two socks done. One from each pair. The third sock is down to the toe shaping. The fourth sock is still at the cuff.

They must be done by October third.

Along with a scarf.

Which still has to be designed.

And another scarf must be done by October fifth.

It, too, still has to be designed.

I also have two cakes to be baked and decorated by tomorrow.

And I'm doing a spinning demo on Saturday.

All of this must be worked in around feeding, changing, and playing Itsy-Bitsy Spider.


Will I manage to get it all done? Or will I lose my mind?

Stay tuned...


Mags said...

Baking, knitting, spinning, playing with the boy...I'd sit for you if we lived closer!! You know I'm an expert at nonsense rhymes. I have no doubt you'll get it all done. You'll look back (in a few years) and wonder how on earth you did,,,,,okay, maybe you'll have lost a few marbles..hope not!!
Good luck and keep us posted.

Ron Sillett said...

My money is on the mind going. :-)

How you doing otherwise? When we going to see some new pix?



Dianne said...

Oh, man. How are you finding the time to blog? Do you type with your toes? Good luck!

rhubarbwhine said...

You will get it done. I know this, You are a superwoman. And then you will send me some socks. Ha!

Pete said...

Oct 4th eh? Whilst I'd liek to agree with Ron, my money is on Rhubarb - you're superwoman.