30 September 2008

Dirty words and baby kisses.

When life hands you lemons, find a friend to whom life has given vodka and have a party.

We had a rehearsal last night for our upcoming benefit concert. A good set list, good musicians, and a good time. There was also fudge.

After everybody went home, Himself wandered into the bedroom to set the alarm on his phone. Ah, a voice mail! Oh, dear. A bad voice mail. A veritable turd sandwich of a voice mail. He came into the living room with a rather blank expression and said, "Listen to this."

It was his boss, advising him to stay home indefinitely, as the quarry is closed. Again. Possibly for good.

This is the kind of thing that ranks high on the list of Stuff That Sucks. Food, utilities and house payments aside, there's the matter of potential yarn and book shortages! Not to mention the fact that diapers are not a luxury, they are a necessity. But there's a plus. There's always a plus, right?

My boss, when informed of the suckiness that is an unemployed spouse, immediately increased my hours at work. Our boy, realizing the fact that his parents needed a boost, began giggling and making kisses at us. God, in His infinite wisdom, decreed that there should be beautiful weather today, so we are taking Junior for a stroll through the many fallen walnuts under a picture-perfect sky while enjoying the seventy-some-degree-with-a-slight-breeze day.

I've also finished the second of one pair of socks, gotten to the midpoint of the foot of the second sock of the other pair, and made it to the one-third point of the first scarf. I may still lose my mind, but at least the knitting will be done while I'm drooling in my padded cell!
"Hey, Mama! It's not all bad. These are pretty tasty!"


Judy said...

I am so sorry about HImself's job. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Little Himself is so adorable. I "vaguely" remember those days. LOL. My son is 31 and my daughter is 26. Just a year or two older than Little Himself. :)

Dianne said...

Oh, man, that really, really sucks. I'm so sorry. Snuggle up with Junior, and give him kisses on that sweet belly from me.

Mags said...

Hey~   WOW.....that is one beautiful boy...what are you feeding him..he is getting sooo big!!!!!     Sorry about the job loss..okay lets hope and pray the old adage is true. "When one door closes another opens." Fingers crossed for you.
Happy knitting.

KFG said...

Let's hope the job thing is temporary. What a time to be off though - beautiful weather, beautiful wife and baby. Just enjoy the time together and pretend it's a vacation. My bet is on the quarry reopening.