01 October 2008

Closing in...

Down to the wire and I'm on the toe shaping for the big gray sock. I am especially pleased with this pattern; it's interesting without being fiddly (I love that word), manly without being stereotypically boring, and versatile enough to adapt to various yarns.

Strong enough for a worsted, but made for fingering weight!

Speaking of worsted, didn't I say that there's always a bright side? There is, and it came by post today. On my way to the mailbox, I always sing my Pinocchio-esque little ditty:

"Please let there be
some groovy mail for me!"

And there was!

I recognised the address. The customs label read, "knitted item". WHOO!!

Rip, rip, rip...

A HAT! A very cool and amazing hat knitted by my dear and as yet unmet friend P. The timing was astounding, as I've been trying to boost Himself's spirits for the past two days and my own have been flagging. I must send a real letter in thanks...

This hat is the third in a trio of beautiful items lately knitted and presented by friends. Two of the knitters in our group recently created gifts for Little Himself in the form of an uber-cute "devil" hat and mittens and an incredible cable sweater. He shall be stylin' indeed when we go to see the Yarn Harlot in a couple of weeks.

Yes, the Harlot of Yarn. We are going. And there will be much rejoicing.

Would it be wimpy of me to make a small gift basket for the benefit concert door prize instead of making another scarf? Should I suck it up and make a scarf to go IN the gift basket? Everything is coming together nicely. I've put together the cast and show, helped design the flyers (which were finalised by someone with an amazing talent in that regard), collected the info for the programs, made the set list, sat through a comissioner's meeting to secure the building, and a zillion other things to help pull this show together. Why do I still feel like I need to do more?

Because I wouldn't be myself if I didn't. And I'll bet you're the same way.


Mags said...

What do you mean..going to see the 'Yarn Harlot'....I am sooo jealous...you lucky girl!!!
Sounds like your knitting is moving right along.
Love, love getting gifts...especially when you're feeling blue. Hope 'Himself' is cheered by his hat.
Happy knitting.

Judy said...

Wow!! meeting the Yarn Harlot. No one ever comes close enough for me to go see. I am green, but very glad for you. Enjoy.