30 July 2008

What planet is this?

Zzzzzzzzzz... *snerk* Wha? Mmm. Sleepy. No rest for the weird, though. Speaking of weird, there's a sock story over at pdreadful.blogspot.com. Two sock stories, actually. See if you like them; I happen to be acquainted with the authors...

Having a little trouble focusing on the keyboard. My eyes are fuzzy. I finished two skeins of yarn! Behold:

The one on the left is the roving I spun for Mom to use, the one on the right is the half she worked up for me. I like the way they show the same colors in different ways. Just about an hour ago, I finished the Sunset Strip roving and took a really lousy picture:

Look, Ma! You can hardly see the strings! Well, you get the idea, anyway. I split the roving in half, the split the first half into halves and spun them end to end. The other half I divvied into four strips and spun them end to end, then plied the two together. Nice gradual color changes along the whole length. If I was a big fan of pink, I'd be in great shape. Heh, heh.

Since we're tossing in pictures, here's a shot of my favorite future musician:

His three-month birthday was the twenty-fourth, so we celebrated with a wild dance around the front room to Martin Sexton's "Diner". Fun song. Perfect for baby dancing. And spinning!


Dianne said...

He is such a handsome little guy! Give him a big kiss from me!

Lisa Marie said...

Am I bein' color blind, or does Lil T have reddish hair? =)

Mags said...

Lovely yarn...you are soooo talanted.
Your little man is 3 months old...I can hardly believe it...he's gorgeous!!!
Happy knitting and spinning.