02 August 2008

Gasp, choke, wheeze!

They say that "it's not the heat, it's the humidity!" Well, they're dorks. When the mercury hits 100 degrees with a 108 degree heat index, humidity falls by the wayside. It can be as dry as a bone, you're still gonna be sweating your brains out.

In spite of the revolting temperatures (it is August, after all), we had a good day. I found an 1880 recipe for Chocolate Spice Cake With Icing and decided to provide the dessert for today's Prairie lunch. You can see the recipe on www.FoodReference.com, just be sure to take note of one or two minor typos. The cake itself was pretty easy to make, and was a huge hit. Tastes quite a bit like gingerbread with chocolate frosting. Extreme yumminess.

I learned a valuable lesson today. When it's hot and muggy, spinning is a really dumb idea. Especially cotton. The cotton staple is about as substantial as a gnat's fart. It likes to drift. It likes to cling. It likes to drive me right straight up the wall because I'm sitting in front of a big barn door with a twelve m.p.h. crosswind and my dress and apron are apparently made of cotton magnet material and my hands are sweating and I'm ready to run screaming across the prairie!

Don't spin on a hot day.


Lisa Marie said...

Silfert says: In spite of the revolting temperatures (it is August, after all)....

Lisa says: Hey! August aint all that bad! My bday is in August! Altho, my Mom probably had me in August cuz she couldnt stand the heat/humidity either lol

Mags said...

I don't do anything on hot days....
So glad you're enjoying "Prairie Days," you can always fortify yourself and eat a piece (slab)of your own cake!!! The recipe sounds (very, very) tempting.
Happy knitting.

groovyoldlady said...

You mean C-A-T doesn't spell dog????????????????????????????????

Thanks for stopping by! I think maybe we ARE twins!

If it makes you fell better, the temp here in Maine is only 75ยบ F today, but the humidity is...well, let's just say I had to swim to my closet to get out a clean pair of sopping wet jeans to wear after church!