28 July 2008

One more week...

Sigh. I'm bummed. This is my last week to spend every possible minute with Little Himself, because I'm going back to work next Monday. One more week of Itsy Bitsy Spider whenever we want to play. One more week of curling up on the rug in our jammies, giggling at each other. In exchange for what? Much work, little pay, and all the sniping and gossip you could stand in three lifetimes.

Work sucks. Give me diaper duty any day.

Give me Himself, too! The man is the greatest. We got back from a shindig at 2:30 Sunday morning, dead tired. I woke up to find that it was NOON, and Himself had fed and changed Junior, and was entertaining him so that I could sleep. What a guy.

He's definitely on the Christmas sock list.

In the meantime, I've discovered that Junior's preferred pastime when nursery rhymes get old is to lie on the rug and watch the spinning wheel whiz around while I sing to him. Great kid, eh? He gets this really funny expression; eyebrows up and mouth in an "Ooooooh!" shape. Then he laughs and tries to eat his fingers.

Why can't I have that job?

I may have pictures of the "Sunset Strip" roving by Wednesday; it looks cool on the bobbins. My next spinning project might be one of the gorgeous rovings dyed by knitsinchurch. One is a tye-dye effect, red-green-blue. The other is shades of rose and lavender. Then there's the Lincoln Cross lamb's wool to be carded, and J's stockings to spin for, and the Pawprint socks to finish...

But first, there's a giggly boy to cuddle. *sniff,sniff* Ah, doody... ahem, duty calls.


Mags said...

Your sure will miss the 'wee' man when you're back at work...life is sooo tough!!!!!
Your 'big' man is the best...definitely a 'keeper!'
Happy spinning...your colourways sound lovely.

Dianne said...

If only this pesky "having-to-make-a-living" thing would just go away. Wouldn't it be great to win the lottery?