23 July 2008

Shark Man!

Ready to spring into action at a moment's notice, the Shark Man takes a few minutes to recover from another hard day of Island Patrol. Kansas swimmers can rest assured that local waterways will remain free of shark infestation as long as he's on the job!

While Junior was looking out for the safety of sunbathers, Mama was getting her hair cut. Not that anyone will notice, of course...

It was a few inches shy of my ankles. Now it's "only" a few inches past my knees. Ah, I know what you're thinking! Yes, it would make an interesting yarn, but there's no way I'm going to test that theory. If I ever cut my hair, my eyebrows will fall to my chin and I'll land on my face.

Counterbalance, you know.

So, what's new in your world? Clan silfert is getting into the groove, music-wise. Played for a blues festival and got a rather... interesting compliment. A guy told me that he'd been sweating his, er... "special purpose" off until he heard me sing. Then he got goosebumps. Hopefully not in the same place, but I failed to ask.

On purpose.

Got some senior center gigs lined up over the next few months. These are situations that I look forward to, but they make me sad at the same time. Many of the residents are suffering from advanced Alzheimer's or other ailments that lock them inside themselves. If you're looking for thunderous applause, a nursing home is not the place to play. You go because you know that there's someone in there, even if you can't see them on the surface. You go because everyone deserves something to brighten their day.

You go because you'd want someone to do the same thing for you, even if you cry all the way home.

I think my favorite part of making music for other people is the spark. Take the song, "It's Been A Long, Long Time". I love to sing that one. I especially love to sing the introduction, because not many people remember it. They listen with polite smiles until the main body of the song kicks in, and then you can see the spark. "Oh! I remember this one!" I've seen people sing along, wipe their eyes, even get up and dance.

Forget locomotives. It's music that's really powerful.


Dianne said...

That was a bold move getting soooo much hair cut off at one time. Now your hair is only to your knees? Shocking! Seriously, I wouldn't know how to deal with that much hair! How long does it take to dry? I think you could be in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Junior looks exhausted after such a long day at work. Does he go to the senior centers with you? I'm sure he would be a big hit, too!

Mags said...

Where have I been....obviously neglecting my favourite blogs!!
What can I say, your beautiful wee boy is growing by leaps and bounds...love the smell of a baby in the house!!!
Your hair is glorious...can only imagine your music is pretty powerful too!!
Hair yarn...ummm..possible.
Happy knitting, whatever fiber you choose to use!!(HeeHee)

Judy said...

Little Himself is adorable and I am sure Kansas is relieved to have him doing such a fine job on Shark duty. LOL

Your hair is amazing. Mine is an inch or two below my SHOULDERS and I consider it long. All a matter of perception I guess. I have never had mine longer than to my waste. How long have you been growing it?

Judy said...

added - my waste, hmmm now what could that be? Do you suppose it is something like my waist? geez, it is Friday afternoon and I am tired and my foot hurts. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it. :)