16 July 2008

No news is good news...

which is why it's been quiet around here. Except at four in the morning, that is. Friday will be somewhat exciting, though. Three cake orders! Ah, I don't think you've seen any of my cakes. Well, since one cake going out this weekend is a Sponge Bob, here's one I made several months ago:

Hold your applause until the end, please. Heh, heh, heh. Here's the one I did for our niece's wedding a couple of years ago:

The two small cakes in the foreground are what I call Parent Cakes. They're small versions of the main cake, but one goes home with each set of parents to be served as dessert the first time the newlyweds come over for dinner. Neat idea, eh?
Here's another cutesy cake for a birthday: the Teddy Bear Cake!

Very frilly, with rosebuds and ribbons. Hey, she was turning six. What the heck. You gotta give the public what they want, after all. And now, my favorite creation, the Babycake!

Also known as the Cutie Pie, this particular creation can have a high mess-to-serving ratio, but is extremely sweet and absolutely worth the effort.


Dianne said...

I first read this post at work where I don't see any pictures. Imagine my surprise when I got home and scrolled down and saw the baby cake! How sweet!

Mags said...

WOW....can I have the 'baby cake'...you can drop him off at my house anytime. Thanks.
Happy knitting.