10 July 2008

In search of...

the ultimate banana bread.

I think I'm getting close. Five bananas, two eggs, Bourbon vanilla, whole wheat flour, allspice, nutmeg, sugar, plain yogurt, and a box of French Vanilla instant pudding mix. The kitchen smells incredible.

Much better than the odd blend of wet wool and hot vinegar.

I dyed some roving last night. Wilton paste icing color, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle. I used ivory, mauve, and burgundy in a palindrome sequence and it turned out pretty cool! Lots of undyed lengths, along with a sort of popsicle/sunset colorway. A faint hint of green in spots, too. Very neat. Too bad you can't spin and eat banana bread at the same time.

Crumbs, you know. The wheel can wait.


Judy said...

Your banana bread recipe sounds delish. Can I come have a slice with you? LOL

Mags said...

Say..have you found "the one" yet?? The recipe you eluded to sounded pretty mouth watering to me..
By the way are you selling your new colour combo?? It sounds nearly as yummy as the bread!!
Happy knitting

Naomi said...

When you perfect the banana bread recipe, will you share it?