16 June 2008

Monday again?

And so it is. Himself's mom has been moved to a rehab facility that's close to her home. She's surrounded by people she's known for years, plus most of the family lives in the same town. As a bonus, Himself finally struck gold at a yard sale.

He usually doesn't have much luck finding something he has to have.

In this case, he found one of those "Hit a button and the chair lifts you to your feet" recliners for $90. Practically new, too! It even fits in his mom's living room. He was excited, his mom was pleased, and the previous owners were happy to make a sale.

Speaking of happy, Himself received the all-time greatest Father's Day present for a first-time dad. Baby's first smile for Daddy! I got one on Saturday when Junior and I were playing on the rug. Yesterday morning found the three of us stretched out on the covers, enjoying a little "us" time. Himself called Junior's name and tickled his ear, causing Junior to turn toward him and light up with a big grin.

Better than Kodak, baby!

This morning was Junior's official introduction to music lessons. The Suzuki Strings program has a class called "Sound Encounters" for children up to three years old. We sang, danced, bounced and played various simple instruments. While Junior did more spectating than participating, he did take notice. It was weird! His breathing pattern changed when he heard the xylophone and other instruments, and he was very calm and alert during the singing.

That's my boy! Now, if I could just teach him to wind yarn...


Mags said...

Your wee boy is beautiful and so sweet...aren't you loving every minute of being a parent??? It's the best job in the world; next to being a grand-parent!!!(So speaks the voice of experience.Hee Hee)
I'm not surprised your wee lad has been blessed with a musical talent..look at his parentage!!
Smiles are priceless.
Happy knitting.

Dianne said...

I can't think of a better Father's Day gift!

Judy said...

What a lovely gift for dear ole dad!! The best ever.
I was glad to hear that your Mom-In-Law is doing ok and is with friends.
OH, BTW, you are tagged for an alphabet game if you wish to play along.