19 June 2008

Beer and birthday cake.

Okay, I lied. No beer. But yesterday was Himself's birthday, and there will be cake on Sunday. Since he hates fuss, we're keeping it simple with a very informal cake and coffee "reception" at our house. Lemonade for the non-coffee drinkers. Strawberry lemon cake, French vanilla cake with apricot jam and white chocolate cream, and chocolate decadence cake with raspberries and fudge frosting.

Sound fattening enough?

The cake will have to take the place of knitting this weekend; we're going to be busy. The Stringband Rendezvous is taking place and we must go. Gasp! Junior's first camping trip! Well, not so much emphasis on the camping part, but we will be in a campsite with hot dogs and firewood. Hm. Come to think of it, no hot dogs, either.

Oh, well. We'll be playing music and that's what counts. I'll just make sure to keep a ball of yarn in the diaper bag for some surreptitious fiber fondling between songs.

Mmm, alpaca!

Hey, speaking of alpaca, I've been tagged for an alphabet game. It seems that the object is to associate each letter with something fiber-related. Let's see...

A- Avocado (makes a nice red dye for yarn)
B- Ball winder (makes Himself nervous)
C- Cotswold (nice stuff)
D- Dyebath
E- Even (a must for tension)
F- Fondle (a must for yarn)
G- Gazillion (the number of dollars I spend on yarn)
H- Hank (nice name, nice way to package yarn)
I- Indigo (a favorite color)
J- Jerk (the person that makes fun of my knitting habit)
K- Kemp (the itchy part of the fleece)
L- Loose (tension from using big needles)
M- Mary (she of the little lamb)
N- None (the number of knots I want in a high-dollar skein)
O- Overboard (me, explaining knitting to a potential convert)
P- Ply (good for toilet paper AND yarn)
Q- Quiviut (bad for the wallet, good for the soul)
R- Roving (feeds the fiber freak within)
S- Singles (makes for tangly knitting)
T- Travesty (a wedding dress knitted in cheapo acrylic)
U- Under (where the point of the needle goes to make a stitch)
V- Vicuna (also bad for the wallet, but good for the soul)
W- Wet (a method of spinning flax)
X- Xenofiber (a fancy way of saying "imported yarn")
Y- Yak (source of fiber, source of information)
Z- Zipped (what lips should be when stitches are being counted)

And there you have it. My fiber alphabet. Enjoy!


Judy said...

Love your list. I don't know if it was to be fiber related or not. All the lists I saw were in Norwegian. The fiber slant was my doing. LOL

Have fun on the "camping" trip. They are LOADS of fun with a new baby. Experience speaking here. LOL


Nichole said...

And I was expecting to see a bundt cake baked around a Sam Adams... =}