10 June 2008


Well, I was a little off in my prediction yesterday. It turned out to be a bit less than great. Himself's mom was taken to the hospital after a nasty fall and was diagnosed with a shattered shoulder.

Broken in six places.

This is not good for anyone, especially when they're eighty-four. We're all in agreement that she was lucky it wasn't her hip, that she was in a populated area, and that she didn't fall down the basement stairs. We're also in agreement that this really... sucks. In the past two months, she's had surgery to remove a tumor from her scalp and skull, another surgery for a tumor on her nose, and now this.

She was in good spirits today, at least. She's got a bed reserved in a local assisted living facility for the duration of her rehab, so she won't have to try to do much on her own until she's ready.

Does anyone have a pattern for a knitted sling cover?

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Dianne said...

Oh, man. That sounds terrible. Six places? Ugh. I hope she's not in too much pain, or that it is at least under control with meds. I'm sending healing thoughts her way...