25 May 2008

Have lungs, will travel.

What an exciting way to spend your one-month birthday! A trip to an historic preserve, a road trip, and a first appearance on the stage. We visited the Tallgrass Prairie to visit our ranger friends and to show off Junior, then headed to Peabody to put on a USO show. Himself is onstage the whole time, being The Guitar Player. As Frances Langford, I'm on and off at various times.

Some days, I'm more off than on.

When I'm on, there's usually another cast member available for Binky Patrol and general safety measures. During the finale, however, EVERYBODY sings, so I just hauled Junior onstage with me. I think he might have gotten more applause than anyone!

It's only right. The event organizers even gave him an official Operation Celebration lapel pin to commemorate his first stage appearance.

Before the show, Himself wandered around with Junior, taking in the sights. If he'd been a bit more mercenary, he could've made a killing charging folks to hold the baby! He got several such requests and a few pleas for pictures.

Speaking of pictures... I need to post some. We got a package from D in Colorado full of all kinds of groovy stuff including socks, yarn and ginger candy. Junior was unsure about the stuffed Baltimore Oriole (with realistic chirping action and Kung Fu grip), but it was a big hit with our budgie.

I swear, I did NOT teach him to say "What the ****?!"

I will take the computer to the coffeeshop on Wednesday. I will post pictures of Junior and the groovy things that have been sent from likewise groovy knitters. I will stop eating these freaking jelly beans before my teeth go on strike.

Ooh, pear flavored!

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