28 May 2008

Drink coffee!

Do stupid things faster with more energy!

Good Lord, am I tired. Junior is going through a growth spurt, which translates into: "Let's spend ALL DAY AND NIGHT yelling at the top of our lungs until Mama goes nuts!"

And I thought dairy cows had it rough...

Okay! I've been promising pictures for... well, ever. So here they come. Catastrophic cuteness. Astonishing adorability. Sublime sweetness. And so forth. With knitting!
Here is Junior, reacting to a sound outside. "What's that, Mama? The mailman? There's a package, you say? Let's open it!"

And so we do. It is from D in Colorado, and she has sent groovy things, including yarn, ginger candy, an oriole and socks. We lay out the niftiness along with the other wonderful things that have come in the mail.

Behold the little mercenary, gloating over his loot. "Mine, all mine!" Not the ginger candy, greedy baby. You have no teeth.

Having celebrated his amazing haul with a baby-style happy dance, Junior is worn out. Daddy informs me that Little Himself wishes to go outside and see the sights, including the fish pond, the marigolds, and the big pine.

And so Clan silfert rejoices over good friends and good fortune. Until the next feeding begins...


jillster said...

Little Himself is just made of adorable!

Dianne said...

Junior is just the cutest and sweetest and most adorable baby ever!

Judy said...

Little Himself looks so sweet amidst his haul. Enjoy him now, the growth spurts just keep getting bigger and closer together.


©Hotbutton Press said...

OmiGAWD, that is the cutest baby ever born! And mom is about the funniest writer in the news. LOL. You'e right on-target with the next well-aimed post about little boys!