18 May 2008

Sunday spectacular.

Okay, note to self: four fluid ounces on a warm day equals three whopping spit-up episodes, each followed by a bath. This type of activity requires lots of cuddling and repeated whispers of, "Poor baby. Mama will make it all better." This is followed by a tiny face peeking out of a blankie, seeming to say, "Thanks, Mama."

We took a trip to an alpaca farm, with nearly the whole ding-dang knitting group. Baby alpacas are cute with a capital KYOOOOOO! We were treated to the sight of a brand-new baby, all of three hours old, lying next to her humming mother. Yes, alpacas are among the many species of animals that don't know the words. Our thanks to L for arranging the trip. Aside from the resulting "milk bath", we had a great time. I even made arrangements to go back in the fall to do a spinning demo.

"What do you charge for a demo?"

"I'll trade you for fiber!"


Before the alpaca trip came Junior's first church service. It is possible to handle a microphone, bottle, baby, burp cloth and lyric book all at once, with the help of a music stand and an altar rail. Little Himself slept through the entire thing, sparing me from horrified visions of an Omen-esque freakout. I shall have to reward him with a new hat. Now that I can reach the spinning wheel, I can run up some of that alpaca from S and L and knit something soft and fuzzy.

Ooh, then I need to wash up some more wool and spin some sock weight for J's stockings. And I found an old pattern for soakers; I'd really like to try that out. And I ought to make a changing pad. I wonder if I have any cotton that would work? Oh, but first I have to finish those socks for the doc...


Dianne said...

"among the many species of animals that don't know the words." I laughed so hard I choked on my coffee! How about some more pictures of Junior? In between tending a newborn and all of your spinning and knitting projects, you should have plenty of time to sit around and snap pictures and blog, right?

Lisa Marie said...

Well, in Lil T's defense with the spitting episodes - maybe he thought since he was at an alpaca farm, there was supposed to be spitting goin' on lol