29 May 2008

Har, har, har!

If ever you've diapered a baby boy, you know that you have to be quick, or... things happen. If you haven't had the pleasure, trust me. Move fast. Case in point: this morning. Mom was busy keeping one end of Junior occupied, while I was occupied with the other end.

I was just a little too slow.

Flip! Sling the diaper shut and create a containment field. A laugh, liberal application of wipes, and a fresh diaper later, we were ready to go.

After heading to the alpaca farm to pick up some more fiber (one bag of rose-gray, one of white), it was time to eat. Past time, actually, as it was after two and I'd eaten nothing all day. On to Steak N' Shake for double steakburgers and malts. In the entryway was a stack of papers called the Coffee News. Ads, tidbits and trivia. On the back of the sheet we found today's horoscopes. Just for giggles, I looked up Taurus, which is Junior's sign.

"A nonstop flow of communication between yourself and the people in your immediate environment is likely today."

Hm. Would you say that someone's been leaking personal information?

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