09 March 2008

Weekend stuff.

Well, this has been a good weekend for the most part. I had Friday off, so I made Mom get out of the house and do fun things. This included a trip to the Great North for yarn, books and cheeseburgers. All of us have been on Mom's case about trying to eat, as her weight is way too low. Sometimes you just don't wanna! This time, she managed to put away a cheeseburger, most of her onion rings, a little pot of baked beans AND a milkshake. It was kind of a pre-reward for starting a series of shots.

The doctor has put Mom on Enbrel for her arthritis, and Mom hates shots. Being reasonably well-versed in such matters, I volunteered to do the dosing. Swab, poke, dispose, done. No problems. If it'll help, I'll give her a millkshake with every shot!

Saturday was fun. Had a birthday party to attend (a niece's sixth). Played "pass the baby" with our newest great-niece and watched the six-year-old's jaw drop when she receved her own bicycle. Made a marble cake with vanilla pudding frosting and a (shudder) picture of Hannah Montana.

Sigh. She's probably a nice kid, but I am beyond tired of seeing her mug plastered on every available surface. Overexposure is not good for photographs OR celebrities, and I can only hope she gets a chance to do normal "kid stuff" now and then.

After the party, we headed up to a new coffeeshop to play music with D, K and L. Didn't try the food, but it smelled great and the music was even better. I got to sing a few tunes and made lots of progress on this week's felted bag project.

Today was set aside for total laziness. Slept until ten-thirty, went out for breakfast, took a short walk since the weather is cooperating at the moment, and generally goofed off. Right now, we're contemplating dinner. Pizza, maybe? Chinese? Don't know, but whatever it is, we'll probably enjoy it. I've been in a good mood since I woke up Friday. Did you ever have one of those dreams that was so funny, you woke up laughing? I've done that a few times, and Friday morning, it happened again. This time it was a single image. More weird than truly amusing, but it gave me the giggles.

A turtle...

with lobster claws and bunny ears.


Jillster said...

Gads, ma'am --you've been spammed!

silfert said...

I'm in favor of free speech, but four identical spam posts (indeed, any spam) are all the encouragement I need to exercise the "delete" option.

Mags said...

Having a few days to yourself has renewed your spirit....you sound like you could take on the world.
I'll be praying for your Mom...I bet she's looking forward to meeting Junior.
Happy knitting.

Nichole said...

hey, the kitchener dog tags are in that photo with the wool - click on it to make it bigger, or go to LoopyEwe.com to find them. They're a neat little reminder to toss in your knitting bag!