13 March 2008

Yarn as painkiller.

Well, I used to enjoy walking to and from work. A matter of fifteen minutes and a pleasant workout. Thanks to a dead battery in Himself's work vehicle, I ended up walking home yesterday.

It was not fun.

I did, however, enjoy the Cadbury orange creme eggs that Himself bought me as a "poor baby" treat.

To make up for the boo-hoo factor of backaches and sciatica, I am knitting. I have a nice, cool minty green cotton blend in fingering weight, and I'm designing a tee-shirt for Junior. Very basic, for a sixteen-inch chest. Stockinette stitch with garter hem and lapped shoulders.

I'm thinking about doing some kind of purl stitch design for the front. Words? A picture? I have enough yarn to make three shirts (one in blue, one in yellow), so if this one works, I have two other chances to use up design ideas. Whaddaya think?

The nice part is, even if I leave the whole thing plain, I'm enjoying the fact of knitting itself. In, around, over, off. Repeat ten million times. The Knitter's mantra. Very relaxing.

Who needs Tylenol?


Dianne said...

I like the idea of lettering on the front. How about "I love my Mommy/Daddy"? Too boring? How about "Warning: Dirty Diaper" or "Got Milk?"? No, how about "Got Yarn?" or "Will Smile for Yarn" or "Future Knitter". The possibilities are endless. Of course, we would need pictures of Junior modeling the latest in baby fashions.

jillster said...

I saw a kid's t-shirt recently that said "I have no off button." In fact, that may be appearing at a baby shower near you.... ;)

Mags said...

It all sounds great but I'm just not that good...I've knit a couple of sox for Junior and I'll email you from 'Socknitters' so I'll have your address if that's okay? He'll soon be here in person.
Keep the needles clicking!!

Mags said...

Check for a PM at 'Socknitters'
Mags. xo