04 March 2008

Living large.

Shame on me; I've been rather lax about posting, haven't I? Let's see... it's been fairly quiet around here. Oh! Himself lived through The Class. You know, the one that explains very clearly that no storks are involved in the delivery of babies.

THAT class.

He did very well, actually. He paid attention, didn't make any gagging noises, and even managed to crack up the entire class. The instructor gave each mom-to-be a homemade heat pack: an athletic sock stuffed with beans, sewn shut, and zapped in the microwave for three minutes. Absolutely amazing! I kept it against my back for about ten minutes before handing it off to Himself to try. After another twenty minutes, the heat pack cooled off. This was when he decided to speak up.

"Hey, my beans are getting cold!"

I snorted first, then the statement and my reaction sank in with the rest of the class. Chaos ruled for a few minutes as class members staggered around, snickering helplessly. I have a sick mind, and I'm not too sorry.

Sunday was another good day. There was Knitting! Hard to improve on Knitting, but we managed by going out with L and S and H afterwards. Mexican food and frozen custard! Woo!

Tonight I'm sitting before the computer with a book, some yarn, and a big bag of Hershey's Extra Creamy Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs. I had a box of the new Cadbury Creme Eggs with orange cream, but I gave them to my Mom. Anybody who's down to 93 pounds from her usual 118 NEEDS candy. Since I most certainly am NOT, I decided to share.

Hey, speaking of sharing calories, here's the cake I'm making for a baby shower this weekend. Bottom layer: brownie. Top layer: French vanilla cake. Frosting: Butterscotch whipped cream. Sound good? Since the daddy-to-be is big on hunting, I'm going to skip the traditional stork and have a deer carrying a "baby bundle" out of a stand of trees. Hmm... should I write "Welcome Bambino" across the cake? Heh, heh, heh. Bambi.


jillster said...

Yow -- I had no idea Mom had lost so much weight! <:O

Dianne said...

You crack me up!Bambino - Bambi...heeheehee!

Jen C said...

I can't stop laughing and I started as soon as I read "...my beans are getting cold" Great minds think alike hmmmm....

Mags said...

Can I come to the baby shower....gimme dessert. You make the most mouth-watering concoctions!!!
Happy knitting.