26 March 2008

Into the trash with you!

Okay, so now I hate Internet Explorer AND Firefox. From Firefox I get a "directing" message that leads to a blank screen and a "done" notation at the bottom. Yeah, you're done, all right. Prepare to be stuck with a fork!

From Internet Explorer I get cause to foam at the mouth. Just try to click on a link or call up a page you've visited a million times, such as, oh, blogger.com?! You get an HTTP 404 message that says, "Gee, that address is out of date/invalid. Are you sure that's where you want to go? YOU must have screwed it up somehow! Thank you for playing."

I spent ages last night trying to tell you all about our trip to Arkansas, all about playing music, checking out the scenery, getting lots of knitting done, and discovering that five hours in a car will give you balloon ankles, even if you get out to walk around and visit the local plumbing every forty-five minutes.

It was a beautiful post.

Alas, it was not to be. "Gee, we're sorry. For some reason, even though everything is working perfectly and you seem to have a connection, we can't save your draft OR publish successfully! Oh, and no, we can't load that page again without deleting everything you just finished typing. Nanner, nanner!"

Okay, that may be paraphrasing somewhat, but JEEZ!

Anyway, I promised you knitting content. I'm in the middle of a pair of socks for Mom out of that Pagewood Farms hand-dyed I mentioned a while back. It's a pattern called Old Shale that I found on a blog called "Stitches Of Violet". I think. It's neat, too. Lace cuff, ribbed ankle. I adapted the pattern for four needles and changed the foot to use the slipped rib heel flap and band heel that my Mom likes, and I still cringe at Kitchener stitch, so I use the draw-up method, but other than being different, it's exactly the same.

Also, I'm (Dare I say it?) writing a pattern. A friend of ours stopped playing music with us all of a sudden a few months back. Too busy with work was the reason offered. This made sense, as he drives for a propane company and winter was coming on. We ran into his sister last night and discovered the (likely) real reason for his disappearance.

Arthritis. In both hands.

She said he doesn't play at all now, which has to hurt as much as the arthritis itself. Into my head popped an idea for a pair of thermal mitts to help hold the heat in his hands and hopefully ease some of the pain. Got the first one done an hour ago, should be able to make some progress on number two before hitting the sack.

Unless my post crashes again and I wind up running screaming into the night...

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