24 March 2008


I seem to be having trouble getting my computer to behave. This is the sixth time I've tried to access my blog! Let this be a lesson: never trust an upgrade in programming when the old program works just fine.

Easter was great; my sister brought over a kit that lets you decorate egg-shaped sugar cookies with frosting, sprinkles and gumdrops. I came dangerously close to snorting when she flicked a little round sprinkle at me and announced, "Hey, we can play sprinkly-winks!" Heh, heh, heh!

Here are the results, as rendered by the cake decorator and her dear (if distracted) spouse:

Ah... hm. Never mind. Can't seem to get the pictures to load. But trust me, they look really, really cool. Perhaps someone should mention to Microsoft that people enjoy software that actually functions.

In the meantime, Junior and I are up to once-a-week visits. Good grief, only a few weeks to go? I actually grabbed one of his little feet the other day when he tried to push it through my navel. He yanked back in a "What the...?" maneuver, then cautiously poked back when I let go.

Ah, tomorow is another day... off! Whaoo! I shall sit with my feet up so as to avoid balloon ankles and tell you all about our trip to Arkansas.

Oh, and I'm sure there will be some knitting involved...


Nichole said...

Glad you had a nice Easter!

Tom King said...

I've come to an uneasy truce with Microsoft over XP. I refuse to load Microsoft Genuine Advantage Validation upgrade to XP - mainly because it hacks me off that they treat me like a crook and if you accidentally buy a pirate version of XP, you have to wreck your computer totally in order to fix it.

I don't see any advantage and if it gets to the point that in order to have a working operating system, I have to upgrade virtually all of my software, then I am installing Linux and buying Linux compatable software.

I'm ready to ditch Microsoft let me tell you and I've been one of their biggest defenders.