07 January 2008

Trying times.

The day is here. I must face the fact. As much as it gnaws at my soul, I have to go on. I must... conduct auditions.


Yeah, I'm stuck with it. Tonight and Wednesday comprise the audition nights for this year's Valentine's Day Dinner Theater. I wanted a quiet little gathering of, "You, you and you", because I have a pretty good idea of what I want out of this show. I hate conducting auditions. I don't like having to turn people down, I don't like having to hide from suckups, I don't like the whole "Prove to me that you're worth my time" situation.


So, Himself and I will go to the Arts building with a guitar and a notebook to wait for a trickle of hopefuls. I say trickle because our theater board has blown the budget on extra-groovy tri-fold brochures that were mailed and subsequently thrown away eight months ago, and there has been no advertising regarding tonight's auditions. "It's posted on the website, that should be good enough!"

Hey, this could be a blessing in disguise! No advertising, no auditions! I can sail through this with only two nights of boredom to deal with! Actually, our newspaper's photographer has agreed to bring his wife down to try out, and he's also going to drag his camera with him. We might just get a blurb in tomorrow's paper, which will hopefully stir up some interest in round two Wednesday night.

Besides, I can knock out a couple of booties in two hours...


Mags said...

Aren't you afraid if you say no to someone (who thinks they are destined for greatness..well at least a part in the theater)you will be stalked...maybe even worse..
I'd say you have a thankless job, what if the (photographer's) wife sucks???
Awwww, I'm sure the booties are (soooo) cute!!!
Happy knitting

Jillster said...

Yes, auditions are the worst hurdle to clear when directing a show. I'll keep my fingers crossed that anyone who does show up is a great talent that you can use in the show! (Your shows are fun...I had a good time in the last one you directed!)