14 January 2008

Huckle buckle beanstalk...

Here I am! Sorry to have been away for so long, but this has been far too interesting a week. Himself and I came close to getting a personal tour of the Emergency Room, thanks to an idiot driver. The auditions went over like a lead balloon, with absolutely no one showing up. The board spent their time twiddling their thumbs instead of doing something to boost the budget of $100, and I came close to tearing out all four feet of my hair.

Rather than a bitter report on each day of relative crumminess, I thought I'd skip the crap and come up with something nice. Here are three good things that were out of the ordinary:

Yesterday, we got to play for a gospel gathering at a local church. We did about five songs, including Life's Railway To Heaven, Uncloudy Day and Amazing Grace.

The blues version. We rocked.

Today was... pretty good. The mailroom got a new hire in, which means I won't be toting stacks of paper back and forth anymore. Woo-hoo! We also had a brainstorming session with the cast of the Valentine's show. Hooray for parents willing to perform in a show directed by their offspring. My dad not only agreed to take part, he has several characters he wants to play.

Tomorrow promises to be even better. Hold on to your hats! I have...a day off.

Hey, this is a big deal. It's not for a holiday. It's not a requested day for appointments and what have you. It is a completely free day, just for the halibut. If I want to spend the whole thing propped up on the couch with a skein of cashmere and a pot of chicken Alfredo, I can!

Hmm, better have one, then the other. Penne and purling don't mix very well.

What is the silfert household doing with this divine luxury of a genuine day off? We're going to the senior center where Himself's mother volunteers so we can play music! With all of the great songs from the forties floating around in our repertoire, we've got to make chances to play them. This will work perfectly, and we'll even get a cup of coffee out of the deal.

And the yarn will still be waiting when we get home.

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Mags said...

Those crazy drivers out there..you can't be too careful!!
A day off...and music to soothe the soul. Blissful.