04 January 2008

The evil that men do.

Not all men, of course. I've said many times that men (And by this I mean MEN as opposed to "guys") are among God's finest creations. But they, along with women, can be evil. Case in point, Himself and a trip to the doctor's office.

Doc S noted that my weight had increased slightly more than she liked (Gee, wonder why?). Himself noted, "She eats all the..." and immediately subsided upon seeing my expression. I countered with the fact that I was not the one to eat an entire bag of potato chips and a carton of dip in one sitting. Himself looked wounded and offered that there were still a few chips left, so he had, in fact, NOT eaten the entire bag. Doc S laughed and wrote out some instructions for me:

1. Increase water.
2. More fruits and veggies.
3. Annoy husband.


We headed north to find some supplements at the health food store. This is where the evil sets in. Himself stopped to buy gas and asked if I wanted anything. I requested a bottle of water (Oh, goody!). When he returned to the vehicle...no water. He had a soda for himself, but no water. A mournful look from me.



Car starts, three...two...one... "Oh, crap! I forgot your water! I'll go get it! Do you want anything else?"

"Mmm, an apple or something would be nice, if they have it." Back inside he goes.

He returns with water and a guilty expression. "They, uh, don't have any fruit today."

"What's that in your other hand?"

IT IS A CHOCOLATE COVERED CAKE DONUT. He is going to eat a chocolate covered cake donut in front of me, not fifteen minutes after the doctor told me to eat more vegetables and fruit. This, in my book, constitutes evil. But wait, there's more!

Cruising along the road, while Himself eats the donut. Well, it's more like a stealthy inhaling of said donut whenever I'm not looking. What's that sound?

"Hey, cretin! If you're going to eat that, could you at least not hum while you do it?!" He may get to eat junk, but by golly, he doesn't get to enjoy it! Actually, we ended up giggling all the way to the health food shop. He even stopped by the bookstore as a peace offering.

Like I said, men are wonderful.


Dianne said...

You're right, pure evil. Hahaha. He sounds like a great guy! That doesn't mean you should ignore doctor's orders, though, and #3 is clearly an order!

Jillster said...

What a stinker!!!!! Oh, I suppose he's a cute little stinker who adores you and dotes upon you, even if he can't give up donuts in your presence.... ;)

Mags said...

Hee,hee, hee.....so typical!
Happy drooling.

Mags said...

Thanks for the good advice...the inhalation therapy worked great. I am feeling so much better.
Happy knitting.