28 January 2008

Oooh, shiny floor!

Himself paste-waxed the front room floor today. It's so shiny, you'd think we've hung a halogen lamp in there. Thanks to the newly enhanced reflective capabilities of the hardwood, the light bounces between the floor and ceiling with a magnified vengeance. It looks truly awesome. So awesome, in fact, I was nearly distracted from my laughing fit over yet another bizarre commercial. A home pregnancy test this time. Hmm, do I detect a pattern here?

The voiceover said, and I quote as accurately as I can recall, "The most technologically advanced piece of equipment you will ever pee on!"

I am so glad I was not eating or drinking at the time.

We indulged in a good laugh at work today too, but it was of an evil nature. Powdered Toast Man is trying to oudo himself in goofiness. "Hey, if I hire two new guys for the mailrrom and then hijack them at THE most inopportune times to do my job for me, that's okay, right?" Hmm, sorry, dude. Gotta go with "no" on that one! And on the other stuff you said, too.

It took deep breathing AND knitting to keep me from jumping up and shouting something unprofessional. Focus, silfert. See the pretty green yarn? Knit one. Now knit another one. Purl here. It worked. I stayed quietly in my seat; aren't you proud? Okay, I lied. After PTM left the room, I made a rude joke. Very quietly.

I said that if he had a pimple on his butt, it should count as a brain tumor.

I admit it! I'm horrible! I should be flogged for making light of such a terrible condition! But oh, how we laughed...

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Mags said...

Sounds like you're enjoying life..from commercials to the poor (jerk) guy at work!!!
Don't forget to wear your sunglasses in the front room!!!
Happy knitting.