31 January 2008

Down to the wire.

Two weeks left to rehearse! We're getting the last of the sheet music together, the vocalists are drinking hot lemonade with honey, and the lights have been rented. It's almost go time. This Valentine's Day show is... things have been... I think...

I'm never going to direct again.

I love my cast and the band is awesome. My co-director has been a dream to work with. The music is varied and interesting. The theater board sucks.

Growlsnarlmuttergrrwhinepoutstomp. There, that's got it out of my system for a bit. Let's go on with something fun!

Our budgie Henley can't stop staring at Marie. I think he's jealous of the eggs. He wants attention and he wants it now, even if he has to resort to flicking her tail. Mom and Dad came over for dinner tonight (hamburger patties, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy and corn) and Mom had a chat with Henley.

"Hey there, Fluffy Butt! What's new?" says Mom.

"Baby bird!" replies Henley.

"Yes, baby birds. You're going to be a daddy."


It is to Himself's credit that he did not swear when I gave him the news about OUR little bundle. Wandered around with an "I've just been hit with a brick" expression for a while, maybe giggled hysterically once or twice, but he did not swear. Now he tells stories to my belly button and looks for Beatle posters for the nursery. Henley will be fine.


Lisa Marie said...
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Lisa Marie said...

HOT lemonade with honey? Acck..... not to sound rude, but that sounds nasty lol

Altho, to be fair, I have had a hot 'toddie' sp? before and that has fairly similar ingrediants. Just add alcohol in addition to lemon juice and honey basically =)

Mags said...

Those folks drunk with their own power are usually pompous a$$e$!! I have no doubt the show will be great, tho'.
Sooo the budgie is jealous...ummmm..isn't it interesting how men deal with stuff..oh wait, and then they make out like it was all their idea anyway!!!
Happy knitting.

jillster said...

Ah, Henley learns far too late that they who dance must pay the piper! Heh! Can't wait to see if there are baby birdies soon!!!!