02 February 2008

American Pie, revisited.

A long, long time ago,
I can still remember how directing
used to make me smile.

And I knew, if I had my chance,
that we could make our patrons dance
and maybe we'd be famous for a while.

But someone out there made me shiver
with proclamations she'd deliver.
Bad news via e-mail,
she'd drop the ball and then bail.

It made me nearly want to cry
when I learned about her blatant lie,
then something snapped down deep inside.
Today, the music died.

So bye-bye, Miss Control Freak, good-bye!
Could have put up with your garbage
but my patience ran dry.
Perhaps someday we'll put this difference aside,
but for now I'm gonna have to resign.


Lisa Marie said...

If you weren't pregnant, I would offer you some whiskey and rye to celebrate lol

Mags said...

Awwww, too bad!! Sometimes there is no choice, other than walking away...