07 December 2007

What time is it?

The press is behind because the newsroom is behind, so here I sit in preparation for the running of the paper. I could be doing almost anything else, so how about a to-do list?

1. Get to work on a baby blankee. Yes, Little Himself (or Herself) is due sometime around the end of April, which means it will still be cold enough to wear knitted things.

2. Scrounge for patterns. Why are all of the baby patterns in my books sized for twelve months? Grrr...

3. Count out how many pans of Triple Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge Brownies I'll need to make for Christmas presents this year.

4. Buy a new wooden ladder for Marie, the termite of the budgie world.

5. Gaze wistfully in the direction of Lawrence, home to J, my favorite yarn shop, and the only coffeeshop within fifty miles that makes a blackberry mocha. I really need a day off!

6. Go through the books. Gulp. Some of the books currently living with us are, shall we say, inherited titles that will never be read. They'll need to be boxed up and donated to the Friends of the Library, where they'll be sold to people who will love them. This will free up space for the books in what will become the nursery, which means we'll only have to find a way to rearrange TWO tons of stuff, rather than three.

7. Laundry. Phbbt.

8. Pull out the knits! The sleet and freezing nastiness is here, so it's sweater time.

9. Knit socks for Himself. And Mom. And Dad. And the nieces. And anyone else that looks pitiful or enthusiastic enough.

Hot damn, there goes the press! So much for the to-do list.


Jillster said...

Yes, you need a day off to come see me and get a blackberry mocha!

We did theatre in the dark last night...the lights went out, but the show went on! (Kudos to the inventor of the flashlight...we couldn'ta done it without you!)

Dianne said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! So happy for you! How are you feeling? April, huh? You're almost halfway there! (Did I do my math right?) Congratulations!

Jen C said...

Congrats!! I don't think I missed a post, I hope not you had me going back 2 months to see....So this must be the first mention, right... April is a wonderful time of year full of new beginnings.

Mags said...

...April will be here in the blink of an eye and your world will never be the same again...I bet you can't wait...
Happy (baby) knitting