08 December 2007

Excuse me, you're standing on my brain.

Someone must be, as my mind is no longer functioning. It's not just the stomping around Wah-Mart, muttering obscenities like a Tourette's sufferer because they refuse to carry anything remotely useful to me. It goes beyond the near-total memory loss that causes me to look in the mirror and wonder, "Why am I combing YOUR hair?". It's more than the sudden reversal of my complete and all-consuming fear of Tabasco sauce. No, there's one major sign of my mental disintegration.

I am knitting an afghan. In garter stitch squares. Clearly, I am insane.

Did I not just post of my hatred for what is to me the mind-numbing tedium of knitting an endless series of squares, each identical to the one before? Why yes, I believe I did! Yet here I am, surrounded by chunky yarn and size nine needles, with a goofy smile on my face as I think about how gol-darned cute this thing is going to be.


I'm going to think of fun stuff instead. Things like having a Girl's Night Out with the gang. Cosmopolitans and manicures! I can't drink and a manicure is pointless when you work with heavy machinery, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the evening. I even got to collect a new funny phrase when L proclaimed her bewilderment over Chik-Fil-A's choice of condiments. "Who puts pickles on a chicken?" Heh, heh. Pickled chicken.

More fun stuff! H suggested that it would be possible to connect my cell phone to the laptop and make an Internet connection. As proof of her cleverness, I give you...today's post! Yes, I am at home with Himself and our assorted critters, typing in comfort and out of the office. Ah!

Yeah, fun stuff is good. A fine distraction from everyday life...hey, I wonder how many more squares I can finish today?


Mags said...

I too have this love, hate relationship with Wal-Mart!!
So glad you're enjoying being a 'Lady in Waiting'....nothing says love like a baby draped in knits.
So....don't you always love being home??????

Dee said...

Afghan squares, ick. But I am sure your blanket will be so cute and worth it.

Dee Anna

bumble said...

I also hate Wal-Mart with every fiber in me. I also have tourettes, and if you are going to make fun of the disorder, please do so with the correct symptoms. We don't walk around muttering Wal-Mart refusing to stock what we need. We tic, we jerk, we make noises in our throats, it very tiring. Sometimes people swear, but it's the same work over and over.

TS has gotten a really bad rap lately, just tring to clear it up for people. I don't think you would say anything about a cripple here, or a cancer victim would you?

Anonymous said...

Bumble, allow me to help clarify...

"HA HA, you have Tourettes, neener neener neener..." would be "making fun of Tourettes". Using one known facet of the disease as done by the blogger would be called "making a comparison" or specifically in this case, it is a "simile" since it uses the word "like" in the comparsion.

I have sympathy for your plight, and likewise, I am sure the original blogger does as well. However, YOU are afflicting us with something that is far more prevelant these days... "Political Correctness" which I find far more offensive than someone who is stricken with involuntary motions/vocalizations.

Lora said...

Pickles on a chicken. Sheesh. I must've been on my third cosmo at that point. But seriously, it's gross! :)