03 December 2007

Life, the good parts.

Happiness is: Seeing someone's entire face light up when they receive their first pair of handknit socks.

Optimism is: Assuring your husband that being laid off from the quarry is a good thing, because now he can rest up and recover from his cold.

Restraint is: Not freaking out when your very small niece says, "Wha's DAT?!?" as she yanks on the end of your needle and leaves you with thirty hairy little mohair stitches hanging in the breeze.

Peace is: Coming home from a rotten day at work to have your spouse hand you your knitting and tell you about the plans he's made for dinner.

Hope is: Praying for the above scenario.

Strength is: Frogging for the fifth time and casting on yet AGAIN.

Charity is: Finishing the perfect pair of socks and giving them to the friend/family member who just saw them and began drooling in earnest.

Love is: Pulling on your very first pair of maternity underwear and hearing your husband say, with complete sincerity, "Hey, those are kinda sexy!"


Mags said...

Sooo..what are you telling us here????
You're pregnant and your husband who has a cold just got laid off, but he had made dinner plans, so when you got home from work you could relax and knit. Meanwhile your niece (who's visiting) erroneously yanked the stitches off your needle and made a tangled mess that you hope you'll figure out. You then decided to give your perfect sox away to someone who drools a lot!!!!
Am I close??? Is this right..I'm probably way off!!!!!
Happy knitting.

Btw..The pistachio tiger colour...great name...you could always get a job naming skein colours?????

Dianne said...

Oh, come on - more information is needed! Are congratulations in order?

Mags said...

So pleased...for you!!! Don't you see me at my computer grinning away like a wee donkey eating thistles!!!!
Happy knitting.

Jillster said...

Dang...had to look up what "frogging" meant!

Naomi said...

Do I need to knit juggling balls?

Pete said...

Congratulations my dear.