21 December 2007

The perfect day.

It started with a trip to the perinatal clinic to make sure Junior's heart is growing and functioning properly. Hooray! All is well! Of course, they can't SAY everything is perfect, but they said that everything looks like it should and we're gonna be happy with that.

Our next stop was Motherhood Maternity for some "mommy" clothes. Oh, thank God! Stuff that fits AND looks good! Plus, they threw in a bunch of coupons and a couple of Handy Hint books.

From there we went to a yarn shop for some fiber therapy. Himself picked out a pattern for a baby sweater set, and I treated myself to some Addi Lace Turbos. This should be interesting, indeed. Clever man. He knows to avoid choosing patterns that call for Kitchener stitch.

From there we went to the Union hall to get Himself put on the "out of work" list. If something comes up, they'll call him. This was followed by a trip to Half Price Books and a small but impressive haul that included a biography of Queen Victoria and a Mad digest.

We have rather eclectic tastes.

How do you celebrate a successful trip to the bookstore? Frozen custard! We went to Sheridan's for a treat and ended up giving the entire shift crew a laugh. Himself asked, "What do you want?" I was about to answer with my usual when I spotted a banner advertising a Mexican Chocolate Concrete.

"THAT!!" This exclamation was accompanied by a Happy Dance.

Frozen chocolate custard with cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate chips, espresso, whipped cream and cocoa powder. Tell me YOU could pass that up!

We finished the day with a trip to see our friend and luthier, R; the sighting of a fox, and then a swing past the paint store. Gotta paint the birds' room or they'll be jealous.

Today was the capper on a fine time. It's our fourth anniversary and Himself surprised me with a very sweet card and a trip to Lawrence. We had coffee and bagels with J, then had to run home so I could go to work. Then, the weirdness started.

It had to do with candy. One of the office ladies brought in some Christmas chocolate, which is always a Good Thing. Unfortunately, some of the candies were chocolate covered snowmen.

Think about this.

Imagine a snowman, slightly elongated and flattened. And covered in dark chocolate. IT LOOKED LIKE MR. HANKEY THE CHRISTMAS POO FROM SOUTH PARK!!

I waved one in front of my dad, trilling, "Howwwwwwdy Hooooooooooo!" He responded with an appropriately disgusting (sotto voce) Mr. Hankey quote, earning us both some very strange looks.

Oh... one hat done, two to go.


Dianne said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad Junior is doing well!

Lisa Marie said...

Frozen chocolate custard with cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate chips, espresso, whipped cream and cocoa powder?

No wonder JR is kicking alot lately! lol

Mags said...

Happy anniversary...glad you all are doing well..nothing beats a yummy dessert!
Happy knitting..hope you get everything done!!!