23 December 2007

Hey, cool!

Well, that doesn't happen very often! Himself and I contributed a New Grass Revival song called "Let's Make A Baby King" to the usual bluegrass gospel today, and it got a spontaneous round of applause! Kind of an ego boost to have the owner of the local radio station come up to you in church to say, "You guys rocked!"

Thank you. How 'bout a contract?

This major musical triumph was followed by a trip to Lawrence for lunch with S and L, two of our very favorite people. Flaming cheese, Greek salad and lasagne! We also found a chance to spend large amounts of money at the music store.

Himself has much restraint. We left empty-handed.

It's seven in the evening, and I'm ready for bed. Alas, it cannot be. I must bake many brownies and much banana bread. At least I'm almost done with the Christmas knitting! Two hats and a scarf down, one (half finished) hat to go.

I believe this calls for a happy dance.

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Dianne said...

Congratulations. Dance away - you deserve it! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.