19 December 2007

Dial-up means Christmas!

Well, not really. But it does mean Christmas presents.

Since dial-up is only marginally faster than pond water, I have lots of time between pages. What to do with this mass of minutes? Twiddle my thumbs? Boring. Swear? Mmmm, not productive. And not a good idea when others are around. Paint my toenails? Hah! You can't paint what you can't reach. This leaves...what else?


Since yesterday, between e-mails, blogging and column writing, I finished a hat. Yes, it was on size US8 needles with bulky yarn, and I did work on it even while away from the computer, but still. I finished a whole hat!

I have to finish three more hats between now and Christmas. At half a round per web page... five days to go... three hours of sleep per night... constant web surfing...

It can be done!

Of course, I could just stay off the computer long enough to finish three hats.

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Mags said...

I can so sympathise...I too have dial-up!! Oh, the joys of living in rural Pennsylvania. I can usually do dishes and mop my floor while loading a page.....pictures...well that's a whole other rant.
Happy knitting