09 December 2007

How to fix a crummy day.

We're on the leading edge of what's expected to be a three-day ice extravaganza, so it's a good thing we can entertain ourselves. Himself was hitting random guitar chords when Henley, our budgie boy, landed on him. The Muse of Weirdness struck, causing Himself to burst into song, a la "This Diamond Ring".

"Who wants to buy-uy-uy
this little bir-ir-ir-ird?
He landed on my shoulder now,
and he made a tur-ur-ur-urd!"

This was followed by many giggles on my part.

I'm sitting here with a bowl of cheesy-rice soup with chicken and broccoli, and looking forward to a slice of the banana rum bread I baked yesterday. Sleet is ticking on the windows and my mind is wandering off to my favorite self-indulgent yarn fantasy. In it, I am the proud hoarder of a whole basket of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed. It's usually in shades of rust and pumpkin, but sometimes it's slate and midnight blue. On the table is a big bowl of M&M's (they melt in your mouth, not on your project) and a pot of Costa Rica Peaberry coffee. With cream.

The yarn is gradually shaping up to be a coat. Maybe a barn coat, knee length and shawl-collared. Maybe a swing coat, kinda like Judy Holliday wore in Born Yesterday. It's a big basket of yarn, maybe it'll be a full-length kimono!

The fantasy fades. The sleet has stopped, and there is a squirrel playing in the big tree next door. My basket of Jo Sharp yarn has been replaced by my actual stash, which is currently insulating most of the house from the nasty weather. No M&M's, but that banana bread is still waiting.

Where's the butter?


Mags said...

Love a good day dream....ummm...where was I???
I can almost smell the coffee!
Happy knitting.

Nichole said...

Did I hear banana rum bread? YUM-O!

Pete said...

I detect pregnancy induced fantasies here.